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Section 12-309, D.C. Code (1989 Rpl. Vol) provides, in part: An action may not be maintained against the District of Columbia for unliquidated damages to person or property unless, within six months after the injury or damage was sustained, the claimant, his agent, or attorney, has given notice in writing to the Mayor of the District of Columbia of the approximate time, place, cause, and circumstances of the injury or damage. Notice of Claim letters MUST be RECEIVED by the Mayor within the six-month period and must contain ALL of the information required by the statute. If the statutory requirements are not satisfied, the claim will be denied. Under certain circumstances, reports of the Metropolitan Police Department may also satisfy the notice requirement provided that they contain all of the information required by the statute. The address of the Mayor's Office is: Anthony A. Williams Mayor, District of Columbia 441 4th Street, NW Suite 11N70 Washington, DC 20001 Notice letters MUST contain the following information: 1. The Identity of the Claimant (please also include the address, work and home phone numbers, date of birth and Social Security Number and/or business tax ID number) 2. The Date and approximate Time of the incident 3. The exact Location of the incident 4. The Cause of the damage of injury, and 5. The Circumstances under which the damage or injury was sustained (explain, in detail, why the District of Columbia should be liable for the damage or injury). Please also include the following: 1. Any police or other reports related to the incident 2. Documents showing ownership or cost of damaged items 3. Estimates for repairs (include two for vehicular damage) 4. Medical bills and/or reports Within approximately 30 days after receipt of the claim, an acknowledgement letter will be sent that will provide the claim number and the identity of the investigator assigned to the claim. Section 1-1213 D.C. Code (1992 Rpl. Vol) provides that the District must be afforded six months following receipt of any claim letter involving a motor vehicle collision before any further action concerning such a claim can be pursued.